1 Day in Old Bagan

We visited Old Bagan on our first day here. After our sunrise tour, we headed back to our accommodations (Shwe Nadi) to check in and unpack. We met our horse cart chauffeur, Myint, by chance as he happened to 'park' outside of our guesthouse while I was hopelessly grappling with the e-bike. Myint was a... Continue Reading →


Bagan: Sunrise and Sunset Spots

Perhaps equally important as the centuries-old pagodas, the sunrises and sunsets in Bagan are not to be missed! Unfortunately, the latest information may not always been available due to unpredictable natural disasters that result in forced closures of some temples. Hopefully this post provides an updated guide on where you can go see the perfect... Continue Reading →

How to Plan your Trip to Bagan

I fell in love in Bagan ever since I laid my eyes upon photos (albeit from Google Images) of hot air balloons taking off against a beautiful sunrise overlooking the Bagan Archaeological Complex. Witness this and I can consider my trip successfully completed. I had absolutely no clue that you could strategically plan your days... Continue Reading →

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